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Kill The Snakes

by J.K. The Reaper

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WELineback J.K. The Reaper seems potently self-aware and real. This is an excellent track.
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1st Single off of J.K.'s next mixtape titled "My World Is Silent" which drops Summer 2014.

Formerly known as J.K. The Rapper — a skinny nigga with no hopes and a couple dreams from Greensboro, North Carolina — comes J.K. The Reaper's newest unreleased record. "Kill The Snakes" is a message to those who doubted J.K. and continue to do so and all the while they doubt, he proceeds to uphold his crown as the ILLEST NIGGA ON EARTH.

Capturing true feelings and putting it "on wax", if you will, has always been what J.K does best, so don't expect that aspect of his music to change at all. In every artists career there's going to be progression, transformation, evolution and that's exactly what you should be looking forward to. Less Rap, More Emotion. Produced by SmokedFilledDreams and shot by Jia Jetson, the official music video for "Kill The Snakes" releases January 1st, 2014 soon to be known as: The Resurrection of the Reaper.


Kill The Snakes [x3]

In the days of the nights of the fallen,
in the nights of the days of the angels.
Last night I took a tab of that acid,
and I swear to god I saw everything clearer.
In the hearts of the lost they found me,
in the souls of the found i lost you.
never ever wanted a snake nigga 'round me.
Why you think I never ever came around you?
Bitch ass nigga wanna handshake get 'ya hand broke from the force.
We programed to abid the law,
Givafuk about a don, never been my dog.
Snakes, I kill all.
No brakes I peel off.
Want tanks & napalm
be safe a& pray to god,
like you prayin for her pussy
or praying for they money but it's not yours...
You a slave to the shit.
X my bitch out 'cus she changed on a nigga,
switched lanes on niggas.
switched states on a nigga.
Put the blame on a nigga
and i'll take that hate,
Did what a man shouldn't I regret those days.
let a bitch nigga in my circle I regret yo face.
I regret yo life,
I regret yo birth.
Lookin' up to the skies as I die on earth...
Until i look down on earth while I'm livin' in the skies
and I never been fake, you can see it in my eyes muphukkka.

Feel like the Illest nigga on earth,
Feel like the illest nigga on earth,
Illest nigga on earth.
Feel like the realest nigga in the world.
and all i really got is my word,
all i got is my word...

And no I ain't no fuckin' role model,
Dumb ass nigga fell in love wit' a model,
she in love wit' a bottle,
I'm in love the pussy,
Got bullied when I was little,
so nigga don't push me, anger inside
and I'm ready to die,
and my niggas is here...
I'm biggie, if he ever woulda hit that gym....
lemme sip that hen,
lemme hit that gin,
lemme kill my brain with the rest of the world,
Try to fit in with the rest of the world
Money rules all, but it won't rule me
I expected this shit you will never fool me....

Illest nigga on earth,
Feel like the illest nigga on earth,
Feel like the realest nigga on earth...
Realest nigga in the world.
and all I really got is my word,
and all I really is my word
illest since birth....

Feel like the Illest nigga on earth,
Feel like the realest nigga on earth,
Illest nigga on earth...
Feel like the Realest nigga in the world.
And all i really got my word,
All i got is my word

No I ain't no fuckin' role model,
Pretty yung nigga gotta thank my mama.
FANGLIFE bitch I ain't fuckin with the drama...
No new souls in my graveyard hoe...
Gotta couple dead rappers on my bank card tho,
I'm the king of this city gotta thank yall tho....
Free clothes, kill shows, only 20 years old,
livin your dreams, while you sleepin' on me, woah.

Kill The Snakes, Kill The All The Snakes


released April 11, 2014
SmokedFilledDream + Kid HNRK



all rights reserved


J.K. The Reaper Greensboro

Reaper, not Rapper. FANGLIFE

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